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Tantei Gakuen Q is a collaborative database all about the characters, chapters, episodes, and more of Tantei Gakuen Q. The wiki is public and it's format allows anyone to create or edit articles, so we can all work to make a comprehensive database.

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Featured Chapter

All Aboard the Alibi Train

Kintaro and Kyu rides a train and meet a girl. As they were inside the train, a murder happened near the station that they had passed by. There was no one near by, who could possibly be the one who killed the man?

Featured Character


Amakusa Ryu is the grandson of King Hades. When he was young his father was murdered by his friends. His father's death was said to be suicide but Ryu knew better. 7 years after his father's death he called his father's friend in order to celebrate. And a series of murder happened. Clues were scattered everywhere pinpointing that he is the murderer.Read more...

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